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gTybalt - a free computer algebra system


gTybalt is a free computer algebra system. It is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Main Features :

gTybalt is built on various other packages:

Authors : gTybalt has been written by S. Weinzierl and R. Marani.

Documentation : View the documentation online or as gzipped PostScript . The program is also described in: S. Weinzierl, "gTybalt - a free computer algebra system", Comput.Phys.Commun.156, (2004), 180-198,

Installation : See the file INSTALL in the distribution for details. Basically you have to install the packages required by gTybalt first (TeXmacs, Root, GiNaC, the CLN library and the GNU scientific library). In the last step you build gTybalt.

Troubleshooting: If for some reason you do not succeed in building gTybalt, read the section "troubleshooting" in the manual.

Download : The current release of gTybalt is version 1.3.6. You need the following file to build gTybalt:

which contains the source for gTybalt. gTybalt 1.3.6 has been tested with the following versions for the different packages: You are advised to use EXACTLY the versions mentioned above (at least for gcc, GiNaC and Root). The NTL and nestedsums libraries are optional.

Required software : gTybalt requires TeXmacs, Root and GiNaC. TeXmacs in turn requires the Guile Scheme Extension Language and GiNaC requires the CLN library to be installed. You can find these packages at the following sites:

Options : gTybalt can support the expansion of specific classes of transcendental functions. In that case the nestedsums library needs to be installed.

gTybalt can support factorization of polynomials. In that case the NTL library needs to be installed. Furthermore the GNU Multi-Precision library (GMP library) can be used for enhanced performance.

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